Is Powerlifting Physically Debilitating?

The Top Three Debilitating Effects of Powerlifting

People are actively searching for new ways to work out and keep fit. Powerlifting has been a wonderful way to keep fit and increase the muscle mass with most men. It is a favorite sport as men, and sometimes women compete to see who can outdo each other. This sport has a large following, and the people who engage in it get a lot of social validation. However, it can have a variety of long term effects on the life of a person.

The following article with highlight some of the significant effects of powerlifting. These are effects that can adversely affect the physical and psychological health of the power lifters.


Every sport is associated with certain injuries. However, the powerlifting requires on to push the body too hard. This significantly increases the risks of injuries a notch higher. Some of the common injuries include:

  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: It refers to the inflammation of the tendons found around the shoulder. Due to the intensive bench presses, lateral raises and shoulder press a lot of strain is exerted on the muscles. It results in extended wear and tear of the tendons. The inflammation may cause a lot of pain when lying down and when exercising.
  • Back Strains and sprains: These are caused by wear and tear of the ligaments. They result to painful swelling along the back. The sprains and strains mostly occur when deadlifts, bench presses, and curls.
  • Herniated Disk: This is a common injury with the power lifters that involves the injury of the cushion found between the vertebrae in the backbone. The cushion may slip out of place or sometimes rapture.
  • Another common injury is the inflammation of the tendon which connects the shinbone to the kneecap. When a power lifter strains the kneecap the tendon tears resulting in painful inflammation.

These injuries amongst others can result in long term incapacitation of a person. One may never be able to enjoy a painless jog or a workout at the gym without experiencing certain pains. According to research done between the year 1995 and 2000, the most common injuries among the weight lifters were lower back injuries, knee injuries, and shoulder injuries. It was estimated that on average the rate of injuries was 2.6 per 1000 hours in this period.


Powerlifting is an exercise that requires a lot if commitment. Most young athletes confuse this with having to commit a lot of time powerlifting. This can result what is referred to as overtraining diseases namely the Basedowic and the Addiosonic Overtraining. During the Basedowic overtraining condition the thyroid gland functions too high. It is coupled with increased weight loss, reduced appetite, sluggish movement and reduced performance.

Additionally, the addisonic overtraining condition is characterized by weight loss, sleeplessness, increased blood pressure and feeling tired. This condition usually affects the older athletes and has symptoms that resemble a disease.

These two conditions can affects the life of a person by reducing their performance in the sport. The symptoms also affect the other spheres of life of the athlete. Eventually, frustration kicks in as the athlete is pushing themselves to perform, but the condition is limiting them. They may end up sinking into depression if they do not have a healthy schedule to workout, take a balanced diet and train.


To be a star athlete in powerlifting, you have to put in the time, discipline and energy. It is one sport that is time-consuming at it needs one to train the body for long hours. From an interview don by Mean’sHealth online magazine, Kirschen- a renowned power lifter in the US indicated that the factor which separates power lifters form other athletes is the amount of intensity required in this sport. One needs to build resilience physically and psychologically.

The exercises can result in physical and psychological fatigue. If the athlete does not have a way to live a psychologically healthy lifestyle the effects of fatigue can spiral towards other spheres of one’s life. It might end up in broken relationships; poor performance at work-if one has a full-time job and so on.

Heart and Cardiovascular Complications

Powerlifting Involves exerting a lot of control on one’s breathing. The heart has to use a lot of pressure to pump blood against increased resistance.It could result in long-term heart complications.

The exercise also uses a lot of energy. They require one to have a balanced diet. However, some athletes do not have a nutritionist to guide them on the type of meals that they should take. They indulge in junk and other poor choices of foods. This makes them be at an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In conclusion, powerlifting like any other sport has a myriad of benefits both physically and psychologically. At the same time, it can have the negative effect that could adversely affect the life of the athlete. All In all, Jordan Syatt- an authority in fitness and powerlifting feats advises one to take the necessary measure to ensure that they reap the benefits out of the sport while avoiding the debilitating consequences.

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