The biggest advantage you can have in the world of fitness, is information. Knowing where to look to find the right answers to the problems you’re facing is critical in getting over the temporary hurdle quickly and efficiently. Unless you like spending hours of mindless surfing on the internet? Yeah. . .

Given the above, we’ve gone ahead and put together this dynamic list of truly invaluable resources that have been our go-to destinations over the years for the problems we faced. Thus, we are confident you will find them just as helpful on your path to greatness.

We will segment them into different sectors of health and fitness and give you one to three resources for each section.

Health Care, U.S. Department of Health,

Mental Health,,


Physical Fitness,, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness

Food & Nutrition,,

Hygiene,, American Dental Hygienists Association


U.S. National Library of Medicine,,


Sports Illustrated,, Bleacher Report

These are a great start, but in the future, we will try and dig deeper into the subcategories as well and provide you with more niche websites that really dig into and pint point the hurdles faced on a path through fitness.

Check back here every now and then and feel free to bookmark or even print these out.